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Courageous Living® , LLC is a business organized around one shining principle: a world that practices courage is a better place to live.

Courageous Living, LLC teaches people how to stop getting stuck in fear, so that they can start living happier, more courageous lives. We do this providing individual and group coaching, life coach training, digital programs in living with more courage or marketing your coaching business, and through books such as The Courage Habit and The Gift of Coaching. We offer two podcasts: The Your Courageous Life podcast and the Craft of Coaching podcast.

Our team also offers organizational coaching to help managers and leaders run more connected, effective, and courageous organizations.


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kate swoboda

We believe:

…that courage is for everyone–it’s a skill that you can learn, not something you are/aren’t born with; that Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ voices need greater visibility; that the people who trigger you the most are opportunities/your greatest teachers; that your inner critic is your best friend in need of some serious love; that vulnerability is a superpower; that compassion is more than just a tagline (it’s a lived practice–super tough when we’re upset!); that meditation is a form of potent psychological medication… and most importantly, that it’s your life’s purpose to live 100% fully-alive.


We believe that no matter how challenging, frustrating, depressing, or flat-out f*cked life may seem, there’s a way to turn it around. Do you want to be part of the problem, or the solution?


1:1 Life Coaching

Individual life coaching information can be found, here.

ICF-Accredited Life Coach Training

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is our ICF-Accredited Life Coach training program. Learn more, here.

The Courageous Living® Program

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is our ICF-Accredited Life Coach training program. Learn more, here.

The Your Courageous Life Podcast

The Your Courageous Life podcast explores how we can grow our lives, with psychological resilience and courage. Learn more, here.

Group Coaching

Our corporate and organizational coaching programs can be found, here.

Marketing Help

Need help marketing your life coaching business? Do it from a place of honoring values, not slickster techniques. Learn more, here.

The Courage Habit

Named a “top book on habits” by BookRiot, The Courage Habit teaches you how to identify fear-based habits and create courageous habits that move your life forward. Learn more, here.

The Craft of Coaching podcast

The Craft of Coaching podcast is for new and emerging life coaches who want to learn more about the craft of coaching. Learn more, here.

kate swoboda

About Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda, PCC, MA Psychology
Kate Swoboda helps individuals and organizations identify where fear-based habits are holding them back, so that they can start creating a new way forward, with courage.

Kate is a life coach, author of The Courage Habit and The Gift of Coaching, Director of The Courageous Living Coach Certification, and creator of YourCourageousLife.com . Kate has been a life coach since 2006, and has worked with hundreds of clients from around the world. She’s spoken at mental health conferences and facilitated corporate trainings, and her work has appeared in Forbes, USA Today, Business Insider, MindBodyGreen, the BBC, and other publications.

Kate currently resides outside Austin, Texas, with her husband, daughter, and a chihuahua mix named Cali. In the mornings, you can find her meditating, and in the afternoons, you can find her hitting the daily CrossFit workout (she’s also a Level 1 Certified CrossFit trainer, just for fun).


A percentage of this company’s annual profits are donated to the following organizations: The Southern Law Poverty Center; the ACLU; Petaluma People Services Center; Planned Parenthood; Safe Place International; Challenge Day.

People we look up to:

Maya Angelou, Pema Chodron, Oprah, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Rich and Yvonne Dutra-St.John, Matthew Marzel, Iyanla VanZant, Dr. Brene Brown, Scott Harrison, Glennon Doyle, AOC, adrienne maree brown, Sonya Renee Taylor,Jonathan Van Ness, Michelle Obama, Alok and…you. Everyone on this list is an everyday person who has made a conscious choice to do extraordinary, courageous things with their life. (We realize that certainly, anyone could find fault/flaw with any of these human beings–yet we admire how these people have dedicated their lives to causes bigger than themselves in different ways).


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